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Portrait 2: Light and shadow
Location: Weekend Workshop, SPQR Art Space (downtown Colorado Springs)
Dates: Friday 5/24/19 6-9 pm
Saturday 5/25/19, 9am - 4pm (with a lunch break)
Sunday 5/26/19, 9am - 4pm (with a lunch break)
Tuition: $225 + model fee ($20)
Prerequisites: some previous portrait drawing experience

Description: This workshop portrait class offers an extended focus on building three dimensional form with light and shadow and careful attention to bone structure. We will draw on toned paper and cover some of the trickier aspects of reflected light, highlights and drop-offs, edges and transitions. We will take a look at each of the facial features as a simple three dimensional form with its own aspects of light and shadow, and touch on the elusive topic of drawing hair. The first evening will involve a review of (or introduction to) the parts of light and shadow, the difference between form and cast shadows, and specific techniques for “turning” form and soft/hard edges (no model). Saturday we will draw from two different models with poses ranging from 20-40 minutes. Sunday we will discuss some best practices for photographing people and take well-lit, high quality reference photos for self portraits (or you can swap with another student and draw each other), which we will then spend the remainder of the day working with—each student will have a finished portrait drawing to take home! 

To register or for course content questions, please email Robin via the contact page.