I offer a number of instruction options depending on your individual needs. Please browse below to learn about my approach and offerings. 


Private lessons

Whether you are just starting out as a beginner and eager to advance, or working on expanding your existing skill set, or delving into the personal and conceptual underpinnings of your creative work, focused private instruction greatly facilitate advances in skill, confidence, and creativity.



At a certain point, lessons and technical skill building do not meet all the needs of the serious artist. I offer professional mentoring for those who are looking to turn their passion into a career (or very consuming hobby!), or are preparing to apply to a competitive program or institution.


Coming Soon: WRiting for artists

If there’s one thing the majority of artists dread, it’s this career’s (often unforeseen) demands on our linguistic skills. Writing doesn’t have to be a burden, however! It can be not only joyful but immensely useful on both creative and professional fronts. Supporting artists in developing their confidence, skill, and authenticity in writing is one of my favorite endeavors as a teacher.


Workshops & Demos

From time to time I offer group workshops. Locations and pricing vary. Please check here for updates.