Coming Soon: Private Instruction (Colorado Springs & online)

As soon as things settle down a bit in October, I look forward to once again offering private teaching and mentoring for interested students and artists. More info below, though I'll soon be adding a devoted page to the site. 


Private lessons

Oil Painting
Mixed Media

Private lessons are specifically geared towards and continually tailored for the student’s individual needs and goals. I believe that strong drawing skills are fundamental to all artistic pursuits, so we generally begin there, or supplement other projects with continued refinement of drawing abilities. My own training and interest in classical realism informs the way I teach; I believe well-developed skill opens the door for expansive creativity.

Whether you are just starting out as a beginner and eager to advance, or working on expanding your existing skill set, or delving into the personal and conceptual underpinnings of your creative work, focused private instruction greatly facilitate advances in skill, confidence, and creativity.

Lessons are held in my private studio in downtown Colorado Springs (for painting) or my home studio in north Colorado Springs (for drawing).

  • Private lessons range from 90 minutes (with the focus on one or two aspects of a project) to three hours (more involved work with a variety of goals and demonstrations) or more, if requested. For most students, I recommend two or three hour sessions every other week.
  • Private critique sessions are one hour.
  • Guided group drawing/painting sessions, when offered, are generally three or four hours.

Fee: $75 per hour (or $210 per three hour session). Please email me for availability. Currently, the teaching studio is open on Thursdays from noon to 10pm.

Virtual lessons may be available by request and are considered on a case by case basis.

Semi-private and small group lessons may be scheduled by request. Pricing varies according to size and experience level. 



At a certain point, lessons and technical skill building do not meet all the needs of the serious artist. I offer professional mentoring for those who are looking to turn their passion into a career (or very consuming hobby!), or are preparing to apply to a competitive program or institution. My mentorship program is an expanded set of offerings geared towards laying the foundation for professional success. This includes:

  • Continued technical training, skill-building, and studio practice
  • Nuanced and challenging critiques of your work, both in process and upon completion.
  • Support in developing your artistic identity, style, and vision.
  • Materials and techniques, including:
    • Best/archival practices
    • Historical techniques and traditional materials
    • Mixed media and experimental materials
    • The use of power tools and building materials
    • Making panels, mounting linen, priming, prepping
    • Framing (building and joining, glazing, mounting, etc)
    • Hanging a show
  • Professional Practices:
    • Portfolio development
    • Writing (yes, you need an artist statement!)
    • Web presence
    • Records and inventory
    • Networking & communications
    • Approaching galleries and maintaining relationships
    • Preparing and mounting an exhibition
  • Application assistance, if relevant
  • Personal support in:
  • Creative exploration, sketching, journaling
  • intellectual/research pursuits related to your work
  • confidence building/imposter syndrome
  • various existential crises suffered in relationship to your work (experienced by all artists)
  • moments of both doubt and elation!

Fee: $85 per hour
Virtual mentoring may be available by request.

For long-time mentees who have built a substantial and varied skill set, the option to trade studio assistant work for mentorship may be available.