Work in Progress

There is a problem with the bees. Or rather, there’s a problem with us: we are killing the bees. There is a marked lack of concern (or even awareness) about this issue, generally known as “colony collapse”--an event in which entire hives of bees simply die or disappear for no apparent reason. Without going into detail just yet, its enough to know that this is one of the major problems of our time, for both ideological and practical reasons. Without bees, agriculture (amongst other things) as we know it ceases. 

I find dead or dying bees around my garden, sometimes. Or out in the street. They are everywhere. I’ve started collecting them... and considering ways to approach this artistically. I’ll share more about this project later, but here’s a few in-progress shots of a current encaustic piece (made from beeswax, of course), built on a honeycomb structure of hexagonal panels. 


First, of course, I needed a place to build it! I have some space constraints at the moment, but regardless of the indoor issues, I decided I’d had just about enough of crawling around on the floor every time I needed to join, route, sand, or saw something. After digging around in the scrap wood piles (both my own and others’), I can up with the bits to build this sturdy little folding table for my garage. No more excuses regarding space...just fold up the table!

Now, we’re in business. Dry pigments necessitate working in my garage since my studio is in my living space, but with a table and a respirator, I’m good to go (until summer weather rolls around...).