Update: It's finished!

Update on the older post (part of which is retained, below)....this unorthodox piece is finally finished! I’ve been totally certain I was only a day or two away from finishing since...perhaps...March? Kind of ridiculous, really, how much longer this incredibly time intensive piece has taken, even beyond my inital (and generous) estimate. But it is done, and it will be available for viewing and sale at Lora Schleshinger Gallery beginning July 18th, 2015 at the opening reception for my solo exhibition, Afterglow


From the previous post: 

There is a problem with the bees. Or rather, there’s a problem with us: we are killing in the bees. There is a marked lack of concern (or even awareness) about this issue, generally known as “colony collapse”--an event in which entire hives of bees simply die or disappear for no apparent reason. Without going into detail just yet, its enough to know that this is one of the major problems of our time, for both ideological and practical reasons. Without bees, agriculture (amongst other things) as we know it ceases. 

I find dead or dying bees around my garden, sometimes. Or out in the street. They are everywhere. I’ve started collecting them... and considering ways to approach this artistically. I’ll share more about this project later, but here’s a few in-progress shots of a current encaustic piece (made from beeswax, of course), built on a honeycomb structure of hexagonal panels.

Vanishing Act, 2015. Encaustic and mixed media on panel. 20 x 62 inches.