Open Studio: First Friday Art Walk

I'll be opening the doors of my Colorado Springs studio to the public this week for the First Friday Art Walk. The last few works in progress for my October show will be up or on the easel in addition to a few completed pieces.

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Coming Soon: Private Instruction (Colorado Springs & online)

As soon as things settle down a bit in October, I look forward to once again offering private teaching and mentoring for interested students and artists.

Whether you are just starting out as a beginner and eager to advance, or working on expanding your existing skill set, or delving into the personal and conceptual underpinnings of your creative work, focused private instruction greatly facilitate advances in skill, confidence, and creativity.

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Adventures in Portraiture

As I began to embrace these half-real, half-imaged landscapes and moments, I was forced to admit to myself that not only would my upcoming show include some portraits or figuratively-leaning work…but it would be composed entirely of paintings. I can’t help but feel that some of the creative constraints—realized or unrealized—under which I previously labored have been lifted. With versatility in media comes an unprecedented expanse of possibility.

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